What is Settrax?

Settrax is a medical software company focused on improving how health care facilities manage the complex supply chain involving vendor communication, vendor instrumentation, and vendor compliance. Our self-sustaining solution re-aligns the hospital and vendor relationship in such a way that both parties save time and money while improving staff and patient safety. 

The Settrax team has spent thousands of hours in operating rooms, sterile processing departments, surgeons’ offices, and recovery rooms. We’ve been both health care facility members and medical device representatives. Most importantly we’ve been patients and experienced the feeling of entrusting a team of people with your life. Everything the hospital and vendor does must be in service to the patient who is entrusting their health to the people and processes that are in place.

While the technology of medical devices has advanced exponentially over the past several decades, the process by which hospitals procure and deliver these revolutionary medical devices has not. Settrax is the fastest, most advanced way to immediately improve the logistics of patient care.


Settrax has designed a robust EHR API that integrates with EPIC, Cerner, and other EHR systems to further automate vendor communication. Automating with an EHR / Settrax connection eliminates inefficient manual processes that consumes an unreasonable amount of staff time.