The Settrax Process

Settrax works with your facility to take your existing workflow and transition it to the Settrax workflow. The Settrax workflow is an all encompassing process that starts with communication between the hospital and vendor, captures the check in and check out process, and reviews the entire process to ensure all compliance policies were followed. Having a clear workflow that is accurate, transparent and consistent eliminates finger pointing and ensures everyone is working together efficiently.

Self Sustaining

What good is new technology if it just creates more work in other places? Settrax is self sustaining meaning you and your staff do not have to drive the process forward manually. We do the heavy lifting for communication, tray management, and compliance. We remove the manual work you’re doing now and replace it with an automated process that lets you get back to focusing on your department.


Support drives success! We believe in our product and hold ourselves to a very high standard! We have worked by our customers’ side and truly care about your department as much as you do, which is why we have invested incredible amounts of time and money to provide the best support possible. We know you want to talk to an actual person when you have urgent questions, that’s why when you call Settrax support you get a real person who can provide you quick solutions. Your day is jam packed so you need quick answers so you can move forward! To provide immediate on the spot help we built our live chat feature so you get answers immediately!


Settrax has designed a robust EHR API that integrates with EPIC, Cerner, and other EHR systems to further automate vendor communication. Automating with an EHR / Settrax connection eliminates inefficient manual processes that consume unreasonable amount of staff time.

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