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  • With so many hospitals integrating Settrax you will never have to register twice!Universal Access
  • Access Settrax from your internet connected mobile device. Mobile Access
  • Get updates about your Settrax accounts to your mobile device.!Mobile Notifications
  • Save tons of time with single click check outs. Express Checkout
  • Access a live case view for all of your Settrax hospitals and know when cases change or are cancelled! Live Case Scheduling
  • Complete your certain types of case check ins from anywhere!Surgery Pre-Check
  • Utilize courier services for check in and check out (requires courier registration)Courier Features
  • Manage your billing and plan settings from your own billing portal. Billing Portal Access
  • Using discrepancy reports you can track and bill for lost itemsLost Item Tracking
  • Connect with your team mates and manage your hospitals as a team!Vendor Link
  • Manage consignment trays at your Settrax facilitiesConsignment Tray Management
  • Access all of our support articles and videos!24 /7 Support Access
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  • Your credit card will be billed once a year. Anually
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  • Your credit card will be billed once every 6 months. Semi-Annually
  • Quarterly

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    per quarter

  • Your credit card will be billed once every 3 months. Quarterly

Bulk Registration

If you are a company or distributor with more than 10 users and would like to discuss bulk registration please contact us! Bulk registration provides you management  benefits that will allow your company to manage your users with more efficiency and transparency. To discuss bulk registration please contact support at 866-900-0375 or email us at

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